Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MEGA-Nertz Open Update

United States - With one match left to be played in the 1st round of the MEGA-Nertz Open, a better picture is emerging from the field of 32 players of which players want the biggest title of the year. One might have guessed that the three tournament champions that entered this tournament would advance to the second round. That guess would have been correct as Sara, Meg, and Jill are now awaiting their second round matches. Surprisingly, all of the rookies that played in their 1st round matches have advanced to the second round as well.

Out of the 11 males that registered for this tournament, only 5 have made it to the second round. The chances of having the 1st male online Nertz champion crowned in this tournament have been cut in half.

2-time champ and accolade giant, Sara Paseka, has gobbled up another tournament record. Sara surpassed Jill in the amount of career Nertz calls made with her 29th Nertz call in her first round match-up. Jill still has a chance to take that record back in this tournament as she, like Sara, has advanced to play another match.

The current tournament hand high is 37 points received by rookie, Katie McClain. If this hand high holds, she will receive a Nertz Scoring Pad from The Nertz Store at the tournament's end. We will see if this record will hold up as the rest of players continue to gun for prizes. Katie is also among the top rookies in the running for the "Rookie of the Tournament" award and the "I love Nertz" bumper sticker that comes with that title.

The chances of a champion winning this tournament have increased. However, the rookies are impressive both in the amount of them that have advanced and their individual stats. Still, it is hard to rule out players with experience. It may come down to who wants the MEGA-Nertz Open title the most...

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