Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bigger and Better ! - Did I Mention Bigger?!

United States - So far 30 players from all across the country have registered for The National Nertz Association's biggest online Nertz tournament yet. The MEGA-Nertz Open(NNA005) is the fifth tournament that the NNA has hosted this year and not only is it bigger, but it is offering more rewards to the tournament players as well. There are 32 spots in this MEGA event which is twice as many spots than the last 3 tournaments have had. In this tournament, the NNA is offering 2nd and 3rd place prizes, a "Rookie of the Tournament" prize, and a prize for the player that receives the best hand score of the tournament.

13 online tournament veterans have returned for this grand online event. 2 of those 13 are champions. 12 of the 30 registrants are males. So far online Nertz tournament championships have been owned by females. However, half of the top ten ranked NNA players are males.

The rookies out number the veterans in this tournament, but that doesn't seem to bother the vets. They are hoping to improve their stats by taking on the less experienced rookies in the early rounds. But as history has taught us, the veterans should not take the rookies too lightly. After all, it was a rookie who knocked the 2-Time Champion, Sara Paseka, out of the last tournament in the first round.

On a more surprising note, one of the past tournament champions has yet to register for this tournament. Jill Younker-Sny won the Summer Classic Online but so far has opted not to play in the biggest online tournament to date. Although, she still has a chance to register being that there are two spots still available.

MEGA-Nertz Open Tournament Bracket

The NNA has recently finished the Tournament Stat and Rankings Page. There you can check more in-depth player stats and see player rankings.

All twenty veterans received personalized invites to this tournament, but only 13 of them are attending as of now.

Meg Holko the last NNA members to win a championship is included in the list of veterans attending. Her sister Mallory is back again as well, hoping to start a family dynasty with a championship of her own.

Veterans Nate Nelson and Christmas Wishart, each having made two final table appearances a piece, are always within striking distance.

With a broader field, it is more difficult to predict a final table match-up. However, if you have a prediction just post it in a comment below. We would love to see who you think will be at the final table.

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