Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Classic Game Times Announced!

Currently, there are 16 players awaiting their first round matches in this year's Summer Classic Online. There is also a NNA member in reserve just in case a player has to drop out of the tournament. New faces will be tested as they take on a few tournament veterans in this premier summer battle that is sure to heat up.

Here are the game times for the first round:

A Bracket: Monday, July 6th at 6:30 p.m. CT
Sara Paseka
Steven Wingfield
Taylor Curtis
Hal Hammons

B Bracket: Monday, July 6th at 7:30 p.m. CT
Jill Younker-Sny
Lacey Donaho
Aaron Bartholomew
Saowanee Suesat

C Bracket: Tuesday, July 7th at 6:30 p.m. CT
Nate Nelson
Brock Ellis
Natasha Rene Stafford
Katie Sheridan

D Bracket: Tuesday, July 7th at 7:30 p.m. CT
Cathy Anderson
Meg Holko
Amanda Crosby
Christmas Wishart

Some of these players you know and some of them may make a name for themselves in the feature. In order to do that, they must take down the 2-time online tournament champ and a few other established veterans.

To stay informed with this tournament, just follow this blog. You won't regret it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nertz Summer Classic Online!

United States - Katie Sheridan was the last NNA member to register in the 3rd online Nertz tournament of the year. The NNA just announced that this tournament will be played annually, and any tournament played annually should have a name. In honor of the live in-person tournaments hosted by the NNA in the past, they have dubbed this tournament the "Summer Classic" Online.

As the NNA grows, they would like to bring the live and in-person Summer Classic to the national stage, opening this large scale event to the public and inviting Nertz players from all over the country. This event would include multiple tournaments, food, and family-style festivities for all the attendees. Prizes would be given out to players in drawings and finalists wouldn't be left out either. To top it off, the title of Nertz Champion and a large cash prize would be offered to the winner and/or winners of the Classic.
If you think you are a good Nertz player, this would be the event that makes you a Pro. Leave a comment if you would like to attend an event like this someday. Also, help generate a buzz by posting comments or opinions about it in the NNA Facebook group.

For now, generating interest and memberships by online promotional events such as the current Summer Classic Online is the NNA's immediate priority. The demand for such an event is not here yet, but maybe(with your help) the demand will be here sooner than expected.

So be on the look out for news about the current online tournament. You can follow this blog or follow us on Twitter. Most importantly, if you play Nertz, join the National Nertz Association. It is the best way to stay in touch with the card game you love the most.

As for now, we are all looking forward to the 2-time online champion being back in action in this Classic! Will she dominate or will there be an upset? Check on her tournament status right here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nertz Statistics

United States - 15 of 16 players are already registered for the 3rd online NNA tournament of the year. Only five of those players have NNA tournament experience. Experienced players are automatically entered into the NNA Stat Tracker on the "Online Tournaments" page at playnertz.com. Within 24 hours after a player plays a tournament match, their individual statistics are updated and may be seen by holding a mouse cursor over their name in the current tournament bracket.

See the New Bracket>>>

As of now, a player's lifetime Points per Game(PPG) average, Points per Hand(PPH) average, Game Record of Wins and Losses, Number of Hands Played, and Number of "Nertz" Calls, are all shown in that player's stat box along with a current avatar photo.

More stats might be added as the NNA Stat Tracker evolves, such as "Sets" and/or "Full Table Sets", "Hands Won Count"(despite who Nerted), "Margin of Hand/Game Victories", "Hand Highs" , and "Game Highs".

If you want to see how you match up against the field, all you have to do is register for the next tournament for free! Anyone can play. You, as well as the entire Nertz playing community, will be able to see your stat box after you play your first match, thanks to the NNA Stat Tracker.

By viewing your opponents and your stat boxes, you will know exactly what to do in your quest to be the best.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Repeat Achieved!

United States - The timing was right. The players shuffled into the NNA Members lobby, a lobby that was to host the Final Table of the second NNA Online Tournament. They had been anxiously awaiting this game as it had been postponed until tonight.

The Champion Sara Paseka, veteran Jill Younker-Sny, and new challengers Steven Wingfield and Cathy Anderson were not going to miss this opportunity. The title of "Champion" was up for grabs and they all wanted it. One would prove to want it more than the others.

The game started with a full table set by Steven giving him 23 point lead from his nearest opponent. Sara quickly followed with a 26 point Nertz of her own in Hand #2 closing her margin to 17 points from the point leader Steven.

Box Score>>>
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Then, Sara went on a rampage to win four more hands(Nerting 3 of those 4) to secure her second title of "Online Nertz Champion". Steven finished with 72 points saving the game from being a total blowout. The game was over in just 13 minutes. It was an impressive victory to say the least.

Sara's dominance is worth noting. She remains undefeated in her online tournament play and now seems to want all the Nertz prizes she can get her hands on. As of now she has earned the only invitations to the "Tournament of Champions" at the year's end. Will she have to beat herself in that tournament? Follow this blog to find out more and/or register for the next online tournament and see if you can beat the two-time Champ.