Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nertz Match of the Week!

United States - For the first time in this tournament a rookie was eliminated after playing in a 1st round match. However, if this rookie would have played in just about any other 1st round bracket match, she may have advanced. The skill level in this first round game was top notch. Veterans Mallory Holko and Christmas Wishart along with rookies April Allbritton and Teresa Rust battled it out in Sunday night's B bracket match.

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April called Nertz twice in this match but didn't win a single hand. Christmas didn't call Nertz any hand but still managed to win two hands. Teresa won three hands and called Nertz three hands but didn't necessarily win all of the hands she called Nertz in. Mallory had four Nertz calls and 2 full table sets and ended up safely securing the win with 102 points.

The impressive play by Mallory and both rookies led to an upset...possibly the biggest of the tournament. Teresa, knocked Christmas (ranked 4th in the NNA Tounrnament System) out of the tournament with her second place finish.

Mallory seems to be on a mission since she witnessed her sister Meg win the last NNA tournament. However, she must face her sister and Jill, another tournament champion, in the next round. The intensity will be turned up a notch for that second round match-up.

Though this game was not as close as some of the others in the 1st round, it received the honor of "Game of the Week" because of the collective skill displayed throughout the match.

8 rookies and 8 veterans have made it into the second round. Nertz fans should look forward to the next couple of rounds as new talent and old favorites rise to the challenge and go for the title of "Nertz Champion".

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