Monday, July 13, 2009

Stunner Avoided in Great Game!

United States - Nate Nelson nearly became the #1 stunner in today's semifinal match. After hand #8, Nate had 90 points and the 2-time champ, Sara, was in third with 47 points on the verge of elimination. Nate was about to do what nobody else has done in a NNA tournament, which was to not only beat Sara, but eliminate her from the tournament.

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Down 43 points and facing elimination, Sara stormed back. She nerted 2 of the 4 remaining hands and scored 23 points in the last hand. With that hand she secured the victory by one point over Nate who had let the lead slip away over 4 hands. Nate still advances with Sara to the semifinals, but he had the position to eliminate Sara and not have to face her in the finals.

Impressively, Sara remains undefeated. Before this match though, she hadn't had to come back from a large deficit. However, she was tested today, and she passed the test with flying colors. She will now test the rest of the field in the finals.

The top two scorers in tomorrow's BD Bracket Match will go on to face Sara and Nate in the finals of the Summer Classic Online. Veteran Jill Younker-Sny, and newcomers Aaron Bartholomew, Meg Holko, and Christmas Wishart will all be gunning for the opportunity to face Sara. The question is: Will anyone be able to pass Sara's test?

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