Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jill and Christmas both go 4 of 10 to Advance!

United States - Out of ten hands in tonight's Summer Classic semifinal match, Jill Younker-Sny and Christmas Wishart called "Nertz" four times a piece, both advancing to the Summer Classic Finals. Jill and Christmas traded Nertz calls for the first 7 hands as their opponents, Aaron Bartholomew and Meg Holko did a good job of sticking around. Meg and Aaron had excellent 1st round matches in which Meg scored 95 points and Aaron finished with 100 points in his loss to Jill. Though tonight they didn't quite match their 1st round performances as they were eliminated from the Classic.

The game may have had a different outcome if it was not postponed due to an AOL server issue that occurred yesterday. All players showed up for their semifinal Nertz match at 7:30 p.m. CT only to see a malfunctioning Solitaire Race platform. They waited around about a hour to see if they could squeeze the match in but the tournament director finally made the decision to reschedule. The game was then scheduled for 7:30 p.m. CT tonight and it ended up being the first full table of the tournament.

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Christmas had a game high 25 point Nertz call, but did not secure the win. Jill finished with 109 points which was a career high for her.

Meg and Aaron also had a Nertz call a piece, but they did not have enough points to advance.

All of these players put on quality performances. You should continue to watch as these particular Nertz online tournament players evolve. They have already shown great potential, but as they gain more experience, they may also gain the title of "Champion" in the process.

Final Match-Up Preview
- Newcomer Christmas Wishart, veterans Nate Nelson and Jill Younker-Sny, and 2-time Champion Sara Paseka will all be playing in this year's Summer Classic Online final table match. Jill has played in every final table match that Sara has played in. Jill has never beaten Sara and Nate has never beaten Sara either. In fact, nobody has beaten Sara...ever.

To say Sara is the heavy favorite in this final table would be an understatement. Sara is 5-0 with little signs of slowing down. As this young NNA tournament system develops, Sara is setting the bar high for feature online Nertz players to come. Sara is averaging nearly 110 points a game in games to 100. She has almost a 50% chance of calling Nertz any given hand, and already has 659 career total points in less than 3 online Nertz tournaments. The player closest to her in total points is Jill with 366. If you are a "safe bet" kind of person, your money should be on her in the final.

If revenge has played any part in obtaining victory over the course of history, Jill would definitely have an advantage going into the finals next week. She has been beaten by Sara every time they have played. The question is, is revenge alone enough to fuel Jill to a win over Sara. Jill has the experience, having the most career hands played with 47. She also has been improving. Raising her PPG average every game this tournament. Can she raise it again against Sara next week?

Nate has been a formidable opponent for all of his opponents in every one of his matches throughout his online tournament career. He is 2-2 with an 80.00 PPG average. In his last match, he not only almost beat Sara, but he had the opportunity to eliminate her from the tournament. If anyone has shown that they have a chance to beat the champ, it is Nate. He will need to dig deep in this finals match because Sara, if she can help it, will not likely be in the position she was in last game.

Christmas Wishart may be the most promising newcomer seen in any NNA tournament so far. She pulled off an amazing comeback in her 1st round match and put up a fight in the semi's against Jill. In 17 hands played she has 7 Nertz calls and a 90.50 PPG average. She may be the last player out of this final table that you would expect to beat Sara, but that may work in her favor. I wouldn't write Christmas off in this Classic. Who knows, we might have to do as the Aussie's do and celebrate Christmas in the summer.

As of now the final table of this year's Summer Classic Online is set to be played on Tuesday, July 21th at 7:30 p.m. CT. Nertz pride is on the line and you can be a witness in the NNA Members room or you can catch the game summary here. Stay tuned, Nertz fans!

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