Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nertz Summer Classic Online!

United States - Katie Sheridan was the last NNA member to register in the 3rd online Nertz tournament of the year. The NNA just announced that this tournament will be played annually, and any tournament played annually should have a name. In honor of the live in-person tournaments hosted by the NNA in the past, they have dubbed this tournament the "Summer Classic" Online.

As the NNA grows, they would like to bring the live and in-person Summer Classic to the national stage, opening this large scale event to the public and inviting Nertz players from all over the country. This event would include multiple tournaments, food, and family-style festivities for all the attendees. Prizes would be given out to players in drawings and finalists wouldn't be left out either. To top it off, the title of Nertz Champion and a large cash prize would be offered to the winner and/or winners of the Classic.
If you think you are a good Nertz player, this would be the event that makes you a Pro. Leave a comment if you would like to attend an event like this someday. Also, help generate a buzz by posting comments or opinions about it in the NNA Facebook group.

For now, generating interest and memberships by online promotional events such as the current Summer Classic Online is the NNA's immediate priority. The demand for such an event is not here yet, but maybe(with your help) the demand will be here sooner than expected.

So be on the look out for news about the current online tournament. You can follow this blog or follow us on Twitter. Most importantly, if you play Nertz, join the National Nertz Association. It is the best way to stay in touch with the card game you love the most.

As for now, we are all looking forward to the 2-time online champion being back in action in this Classic! Will she dominate or will there be an upset? Check on her tournament status right here.

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