Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Return of the Champ

United States - The A bracket 2nd round match was played today at 7:30 p.m. CT and the previous tournament champion, Sara Paseka (avatar shown on right), extended her perfect tournament match steak with a victory over Laura Robertson Bratton, Steven Wingfield, and the absent Taylor Curtis. Steven also will advance to the final as he came in second place with 81 points.

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Sara nerted 5 times out of seven hands to secure her spot in the final. She also had a game and tournament high with a 30-point Nertz. However, Steven was on her heals the entire match and had a 28-point Nertz of his own. Laura got it going a little late with a 19-point Nertz in the six hand. Sara and Steven tied in points on hand 3 each scoring 21 points, though Sara was awarded the hand victory as she called "Nertz".

Shortly before the match, the tournament director received a message from Taylor that said she miscalculated the start time due to time zones, and thus she was not able to play.

The game also had an interesting start. No player called "Nertz" to finish the first hand. Instead, the game timer ended the hand when everybody was "stuck". This usually doesn't end live games but in Solitaire Race it happens on occasion. Sara was awarded the Nertz since she had the highest score at that moment.

Sara is back in the finals and looks to be a heavy favorite. Newcomers Steven and Cathy have shown they are formidable opponents. Lastly, Jill is seeking revenge after finishing second to Sara in their last final table match.

Will we witness a repeat or will someone dethrone the champ? No matter the outcome it looks like this final will be a great game to watch.

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