Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bigger and Better!

United States - The field is bigger and the players are more seasoned, making this online Nertz tournament much more formidable than the last. There are 7 men and 9 women awaiting their 1st round match-ups. 4 of those players are the finalists from the 1st ever Online Nertz Tournament. The Champion, Sara Paseka, from that very tournament already seems to eager to take on the competition which she indicated by her quick response to the the Tournament Information messages that were sent out recently. Can she do it again? Last time she survived two rounds and was the best of eight players in the tournament. This time she faces a field of 16 players and has to withstand 3 rounds to repeat.

All of the Nertz Online Tournament Information messages have been sent out to the current tournament players, despite a slight snag in the process. Apparently, Facebook mistook the repeat messages to the players as SPAM and temporarily disabled the tournament director's Facebook account. However, the NNA tournament director still managed later to get all of the messages sent. It seems in the future the NNA will be using Facebook's "Event Pages" to make it easier to coordinate Online Nertz Tournaments without being suspect for Spamming.

It looks as though the first round matches will start Sunday, May 24 of next week. 4 of 16 players have already replied confirming their game time availabilities. This tournament will last three weeks with each player only playing one match a week. All matches will be played between at times between Sunday and Tuesday of each week.

To watch the matches from your own computer just check the Online Tournaments page at for match times and locations.

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