Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nertz History Made!

United States - The table was full for the first time in this Nertz tournament. No computers were going to get a chance to play this time. The players were ready to make history. On the line... the title of "First Ever Nertz Online Champion" and the coveted "Nertz Champion" T-Shirt.

The game started right at 7:30 and lasted only 15 minutes. Jill Sny started off calling "Nertz" the first hand even though Sara Paseka (featured in the online caricature picture above) finished the same hand 1 point better than her. Sara followed the first hand with a gigantic 38-point "Nertz" in the second hand, but Jill still kept the game close scoring 32 points of her own that hand.

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After the third hand Sara managed to pull away and put the pressure on the rest of the table. Nate Nelson responded the next 2 hands with back to back "Nertz" calls. However, this was not enough to take the lead position from Sara. Sara finished out the game, claiming the victory, with a 20-point "Nertz" on the sixth hand. Her 102-point victory will go down in Nertz history and will hopefully help give the game of Nertz the recognition it deserves.

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