Monday, February 9, 2009

Another 1st Round Route

United States - The B bracket played its first round match of the NNA's Nertz tournament this evening at 6:41 p.m. CST and again one player dominated the table. NNA member and officer Nate Nelson breezed through this game winning by a substantial margin. Two players missed out of action as computer opponent's played for them. While the fourth player, Carol Phillips, experienced connection problems and still finished in second place.

On that same note, the tournament director who recorded the game ran into a problem when his video recording software experienced an error during the compression the game's video file. Thus, all of the scores and screen shots were lost. The result of this happening is now there will not be a box score to show Nate's victory.

But now the final table of this Nertz tournament is set. 1st round winners, Sara Paseka and Nate Nelson, and 1st round runner-ups, Carol Phillips and Jill Sny will each have their chance to make Nertz history as they try to win the 1st online Nertz tournament in history. Who be will it be?

The time and date will be announced by Wednesday, Feb. 11th.

Something Else To Look Forward To - The NNA officially announced that it will host an online "Tournament of Champions" sometime at this year's end. It will feature all of the online NNA tournament players that win NNA tournaments during the course of this year. The prize promises to be the biggest seen all year. Will you be there? Sign up in one of the NNA's online tournaments for your chance to become a Nertz legend in the "Tournament of Champions".

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