Monday, November 30, 2009

Largest Nertz Group In the World!

United States - The following is a statement from the NNA:

"The National Nertz Association is now the largest Nertz group in the world. 900 members may not be saying much but, in this case, it counts for a lot considering the game's obscure conception.

Most Nertz players find but do not join. It is almost impossible to determine recruitment statistics but if we were to estimate it we would say 1 out of 20 Nertz players join the NNA after finding out about them. One thing we know is that Nertz players are out there and the game is spreading.

Nertz players tend to welcome as many people as they can fit into a Nertz game and that is the same mentality the NNA has taken with its membership. The more members we have, the more possibility of excitement and greater level of fun may be had.

Here is a link to some stats on the NNA:

It is still our goal to host national in-person Nertz tournaments in cities across the U.S. That goal is solely dependent upon what direction this game's popularity goes.

If you have an idea for the NNA, just let us know. Post a comment below.

Simple Way To Keep Nertz Alive!

Join our main group on Facebook. Invite all of your friends, because you may not even know that they play Nertz. Join the followers list on this blog. Take pictures and videos the next time you play Nertz and post them in our group. Get some Nertz merchandise and display the merchandise with pride. Play in NNA online tournaments. Host you own in-person tournaments and post information about them in our group. Post some of your Nertz stories and experiences on our group's wall or in our forums. Let your friends and family know about Nertz and the National Nertz Association."